LT Cafés offering new harvest of the month, budget-friendly meals, and employee credit

It's a typical Monday at LTISD. You're hustling through your day when you feel a rumble in your stomach. It's lunchtime. You forgot your leftovers at home and you really don't want to spend $10 at a local restaurant or pay for delivery. If only there was somewhere nearby with delicious food and unbeatable prices. Well, look no further than our LT Cafés.

LT Cafés staff are dedicated to serving delicious and nutritious meals every day.  Employee meals are only $3.80 districtwide. Serving gluten-free and vegetarian items daily, there is a meal option available for all staff members. All employees that sign up for a lunch account will start with a $5 credit on their account. Simply complete the employee lunch account form and create your account today.


Also new this year, the LT Cafés are proud to roll out their Harvest of the Month program, as part of the Texas Farm Fresh Initiative. Each month, all LT Cafés will feature a seasonal, Texas-grown produce item on the menu, as well as nutrition education about the fruit or vegetable.

Currents will now include a Harvest of the Month column that includes recipes and fun facts about the featured produce item. Be on the lookout for Texas-grown watermelon in September!