Highlights from Convocation 2019

In addition to the school board's announcement of a one-time payment for all staff (proving yet again that our school board rocks), perhaps the next most popular highlight was the recognition of employees who have served 20 or more years at LTISD. 

We salute these dedicated colleagues:


Celebrating 20 years of service at LTISD:

  • Daniel Davis, Bee Cave Elementary School

  • Karen Hamnett, Bee Cave Elementary School

  • Patsy Mendel, Lake Pointe Elementary School (not pictured)

  • Felicia Rodriguez-Creech, Lake Travis Elementary School

  • Thomas Seabolt, Lakeway Elementary School

  • Becky Thorp, Serene Hills Elementary School

  • Beth Young, Lake Travis Middle School

  • Michelle Webb, Hudson Bend Middle School

Celebrating 25 years of service at LTISD:

  • Archie McHarg, Lake Travis High School

As our District family continues to grow, and in the interest of time, 5, 10 and 15-year service pins are presented at each campus and department.