Annual notice regarding association dues

Association Dues.png

In accordance with state law, payroll deductions for professional organizations shall continue for subsequent years unless a change is made by the employee directly with the organization. If you wish to join any of the professional organizations listed below (or discontinue your contribution to any of these organizations), please contact each organization directly:

  • Association of Texas Professional Educators - ATPE (800-777-2873)

  • Texas Classroom Teachers Association - TCTA (888-879-8282)

  • Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association - TEPSA (800-252-3621)

  • Texas State Teachers Association - TSTA (800-324-5355)

  • Texas American Federation of Teachers - TAFT (800-252-9350)

All payroll deductions for membership dues will begin in September 2019 and continue through June 2020.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to Toni Larsen, LTISD Payroll Manager, at ext. 6031 or at