Board approves salary increase for 2019-2020

As you may already know from the recent legislative session, there has been a great deal of discussion in the media about House Bill 3 and salary increases for certain staff members.  Contrary to many recent news stories, there is no statewide flat raise. Legislators ultimately chose not to approve an across-the-board raise. Instead, raises were tied to a percentage of a district’s overall funding increase, and to allow for raises for all school employees, not just teachers.  Pay raises will vary greatly depending on the increase in funding specific to each district. Some districts will see little-to-no increase in funding, and those districts will therefore have little-to-no raises to deliver to teachers and other staff.

With that being the case, on June 19, our school board unanimously approved a salary adjustment for 2019-2020. Specifically, Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, and Nurses with more than five years of experience will receive an across-the-board raise of $3,000. Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, and Nurses with less than five years experience will receive a raise of approximately $2,700.  Combined, this represents an average increase of 5.3% for Teachers, Librarians, Counselors and Nurses. All other district staff will receive a salary increase of 4% of their pay grade midpoint. Please note, salary adjustments for non-teachers will vary per individual and pay grade.  Salary adjustments will become effective in July, August, or September 2019 depending on your calendar start date.

Our trustees considered a number of salary options that were presented by the senior leadership team.  I hope you will agree that our board members’ actions to significantly exceed the state’s actual contributions toward raises speaks loud and clear about their commitment to retaining a highly-qualified staff and its sincere appreciation to you for meeting increased responsibilities in our fast-growth district.
— Dr. Brad Lancaster, Superintendent of Schools

It is important to note, that according to calculations provided by the Texas Education Agency, the state’s contribution of additional funds resulted in a salary increase of only $1,462 for Lake Travis ISD teachers and not the $4,000 raise initially shared by state officials.  However, our Board chose to use local funds to more than double this amount to $3,000 while also providing an increase of 4% of the pay grade midpoint for all remaining staff.

The main point to remember is this: there is no statewide flat raise and raises are completely dependent on the increase in funding respective to each district. That amount for Lake Travis ISD fell far short of the amounts mentioned in the media.  Our local Board of Trustees chose to more than double the amount provided by the state.

Questions or concerns regarding the approved salary increase and how it affects your individual pay should be directed to our Business Office, attention Toni Larsen, at or extension 6031.